Spontaneous days really make me a happy girl. Life is great in Italy, but every once in a while a day surprises me and makes this entire experience that much better. Well, I had one of these extremely spontaneous incredible days last week while visiting the Amalfi Coast. My roommate Alex and I decided to […]

Lately I have had many people texting and messaging me about visiting Rome this summer.  They all seem to have the same question; “What should I do?”  Of course there are the obvious answers (answers you can find on any decent travel site) like visit The Vatican, take a tour through the Colosseum, and walk up […]

My latest of the weekend trips took me to Edinburgh, Scotland; a place filled with whiskey, castles, and my favorite part, Harry Potter (but more about that later on). I traveled with three other girls in my program.  When we first arrived on Friday night, it was too late to see much of anything.  We […]

Since I am using this blog to document all wonderful things that I encounter in Italy, I can’t leave out the experience I had today.  For the first time, I went skydiving; something I have been dreaming of doing for years!  But instead of writing a few thousand words on the experience, I am going […]

After a great trip back to New York, I have finally returned to Rome!  Best part about that is moving into my new and first apartment! After some jet lag feelings, NyQuil, and pizza (lots and lots of pizza) I finally feel like I am settling in.  But in true Italian fashion, instead of unpacking […]

One semester down – three more to go! I don’t know where the time went but tomorrow I will return back to New York with my first semester of graduate school completed! Don’t be sad for me though; I get to come back to Rome in just one short month! And even more good news.. […]

Think of a list of your favorite cities in the world.  New York, L.A, Paris, Rome.  Those are probably standard for most people.  Last weekend I got to add a new favorite city to my list and a city that probably isn’t on most, Budapest.  Although I did some research before I arrived, I had […]